Play Online Quiz By Subscription And Win Handsome Prize

People like to play any form of game to pass their leisure time with friends. Good game can relieve the body from the stress. After the coming of the internet, people are spending most of their time in the online games. Companies are coming up attractive games which keep the players engage in the character. Even the adults are taking interest in the quiz game to increase their knowledge and reasoning power. It is a good way to play quiz onlineas it provides the latest general knowledge happening in the world. This keeps the people ahead of the competitor in the different exams.


Company is offering chance to the participant to win one lakh rupees after playing this game. To play this game one has to register in the website with Rs. 1700 require as fee. After the registration, three passwords are given which are useful in starting the game. Play online quiz by subscription in the website to win handsome prize. There are 17 questions in the game in which 20 seconds is given to the participant to answer each question. The entire question should be answered correctly to win the whole sum in the website.


Three lifelines can be used by the player in each level and one can quit after every level. First lifeline is used to reduce the number of option to two to give the answer confidently. Second one helps in evading the hard question which can terminate the player from the game if wrong answer is given. Third one helps in extending the time period to 20 seconds more. Answer question and win from the game by utilizing the lifelines found in the game. Participant has to be above 18 years of age to be eligible for the game. Play this game to increase the knowledge and income to lead a good life.