Quiz To Win One Lakh Rupees And Prepare For Competitive Exam

Parent no longer prevent their children from playing the video games found in the internet. This is because wide range of games is found in the market according to the age and importance of the games. It is found that children playing game become smart, punctual, and many important lessons in their life. For adult, online quiz is one of the favorite due to the important role plays in succeeding in their lives. Quiz game can provide money after answering the questions. Play quiz and win in this website by utilizing the knowledge acquired since the childhood by the participants.


This game can be played by the people who have attained above 18 years of age. To play this game one has to register in the website with Rs. 1700 required as fee. Three passwords are given to the people after the registration to play the original game. There are total 17 questions in the game and 20 seconds is given to each question to answer correctly. Win from games online with the help of your friends in answering the questions. This helps the players in winning the sum easily from this game by taking the help of the friends.


Lifeline can be taken by the players while playing the game in the website. These are great help in winning the sum from the company. First one helps in increasing the time period of answering the question to 20 seconds more. Second one helps in avoiding the hard question which can terminate the players from proceeding in the game. Play online game to win with the help of lifeline given in the game for the players. Third, the option found in the question can be reduced to two by taking the 50:50 lifelines. This gives more confidence to the gamers and plays more positively to win this game. Start the game after reading all the rules and regulations of the company to avoid confusions.