Increase Reasoning Power And Knowledge By Playing Quiz

Children and adult alike are playing the online game these days. Single and multi-players online games are found in the internet. It helps in increasing the knowledge and punctuality of the gamers. Moreover, it reduces the stress of the people which is acquired during working in office. Thus, it has become a passion for the people to spend their leisure time. Today, many quiz games are providing chance to win handsome prize to the players by answering correctly. Play game and win one lakh rupees from this website by utilizing the knowledge acquired since childhood. This is why; it is getting lots of participants from every states of India.


This website is conducting Kbc like game online to provide a chance to win prize from this quiz game. So, brush up your general knowledge and get ready to play this wonderful game. First, you have to register in the website with Rs. 1700 required as fee. Three passwords are given to the players to starts the original game. Play to win 1 lakh rupees from the company by answering all the 17 questions asked in the game. It is somewhat similar with the famous Kbc game hosted by megastar Amitabh Bachchan.


Game is offering lifelines which are helpful for the participants to answer the questions correctly by the players. The first lifeline offered in the game is to evade the hard question as one wrong answer will terminate the player from the game. To increase time period to 20 seconds more from the original 20 seconds given to answer the question. Play game and win by utilizing the game lifeline which is helpful for the players to answer quickly and confidently. Even the options found in the questions can be reduced to two with the help of lifeline. Thus, participate in the game and win the prize to enjoy the life to the fullest.